The ultimate communication assistant for those needing to speak or understand someone speaking in other languages, the words appear in easy to see LED in any language! Simply hold your mobile device up and it will transcribe the conversation between any two languages, making communication between any two languages a breeze. Even use the built in translation voice as your own language tutor. take a picture or upload an image and it will translate text from documents or images. Great for travelers or those that are deaf or suffering with hearing loss can become part of any conversation with our live transcribing app that offers real time speech to text captioning in any language. It has easy to see LED fonts, with the ability to adjust the size of the fonts, the color of the fonts and the color of the background. A fast/accurate setting allows for enhanced operation. Manual send is also included for inputting text with the keyboard. No account needed, easy to use one button activation along with no data requirements make it handy for continuous captioning even in remote locations. The perfect hearing assist for deaf and those with hearing loss. Also can be used for portable closed captioning of YouTube and other media not offering CC. Use it as an automatic voice to text LED scroller, message board or banner in noisy environments, concerts, parties, celebrations, gatherings, airports, anywhere you need a voice to be seen to be heard. The following features make SayNc Translate an easy to use, functional captioning app that will enhance communicating for those who are deaf or suffering hearing loss. • Live transcribing of language anytime and anywhere. • Real time speech to text captioning in LED fonts. • Adjustable font size. • Selectable font and background color. • Fast or Accurate setting for enhanced operation. • Built in keyboard for manual text entering. • Voice commands for special characters. • Simple one button operation. • Voice assistant for hearing the words. • No account needed for download